An internal share issue, directed towards existing shareholders, was successfully completed in December, and a total of USD 20 million (NOK 116 million) of new equity was raised for Green Resources in 2010. Green Resources issued 2,163,755 new shares during 2010, bringing the total number of shares to 35,282,310. The shares were issued at NOK 54 per share, with the exception of 64,328 employee shares that were issued at NOK 33 per share issued at the start of the year. In total, NOK 116.3 million of equity was raised. 1,632,618 shares were issued to existing shareholders as part of an internal share issue that took place during Q4 of the year. 466,809 shares were issued in exchange for a loan that was outstanding at the end of 2009, including interest payable until expiry of the loan in 2012. 64,328 shares were issued to employees, including the Chairman.

Contact: Mads Asprem, email: mads.asprem@greenresources.no

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