Environmental and Social Mission
Green Resources AS is a profit oriented plantation, forest products, carbon offset and renewable energy company that aims at bringing development to some of the poorest areas in the world’s economically under developed countries.

Green Resources AS is growing trees to generate carbon offsets and to manufacture wood products and it generates renewable energy based on various sources, including biomass and hydro power. All of Green Resources AS’s carbon offset revenues will be reinvested in new carbon offset activities in the countries they were generated and at least 10% of the revenues will go to community development and environmental protection.

Green Resources AS is committed to the highest international environmental and occupational health and safety standards and seeks independent certification for its compliance with such standards. It conserves natural forest, cultural heritage and other valuable assets and habitats. Green Resources AS only plants on grassland or land that has been abandoned or is degraded. It only harvests plantation forest and replants all harvested areas. Green Resources AS employs the latest technologies in terms of Geographic Information Systems and works preferably with national professionals to build lasting capacity in the countries where it operates. Green Resources AS is an equal opportunities company, aiming to establish a gender balance throughout its company on all levels and is promoting diversity amongst its staff in terms of ethnic and religious background.

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Developing People

Green Resources' facilitates socio-economic development and poverty alleviation in rural areas through provision of employment, infrastructure development, schools, health and other community development.

Green Resources' new forest roads brought cars to the Uchindele village for the first time since the Chinese built the Tazara railroad about 30 years ago
Uchindele Secondary School built by the villagers, but with cash expenditures covered by TreeFarms.