Shares and Shareholders

Green Resources' Registration and Shares

Green Resources AS is a Limited Company established on 26 August, 1995 and registered on 23 November, 1995 in Norway with organisation number 975 879 968.

Share capital and registration

The Company has issued 83,387,255 freely transferable shares of NOK 5 face value each, all of which are fully paid and issued according to Norwegian law. The shares are registered under VPS, the Norwegian electronic share register, under the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) NO 000 3100208. The registrar for the shares is DnB NOR ASA. In addition, there are 369,244 shares under issue which are not yet registered under VPS, giving a fully diluted 83,822,248 shares.

Major Shareholders

Registered Share Capital 30th June 2016

Registered Share Capital 30th June 2016

Shareholder Communications

The CEO and Chairman of the board recently released a letter to all the shareholders providing an update on the company's progress. For more information please see the letter here.


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