CDM: Undergoing validation
CCBS: Validated May 2011
Carbon credits for 2009-2012 sold
Idete Plantation
Co-ordinates: 8°54'48.78"S, 35°18'52.58"E
Altitude: 1,100m -1,550m
Average annual rainfall: 1,100mm
Mean temperature: 16°C
Main rains: December-April
Pine: 21m3/ha/yr MAI, 21 year rotation
Euca: 23 m3/ha/yr MAI, 13 year rotation

Idete is part of GRL’s Lower Escarpment plantations, along with Mnyera, with parts being located on rolling hills and other parts on steeper hills often seen in South African forest plantations. The plantations are established to produce a wide variety of wood products, from sawn timber and electricity poles to panel board, energy production (including charcoal) and for supply to the existing and future pulp industries. There is a long term target of a 50/50 mix of eucalyptus and pine. Most of the seedlings have historically been supplied from Idete’s own nurseries, but the planting material is now supplied from Green Resources modern Makungu nursery.

Idete Forest spans a total 15,966 ha of which at least 6,450 ha are plantable; the remaining land is set aside for conservation and infrastructure, and after further analysis, some added areas will be planted up. In 2012, 613 ha of new forest was planted, taking the total established plantation to 3,439 ha. 64% of the total planted area is Pine species including P. patula, P. elliottii, P. caribaea and P. oorcapa, while 35% are Eucalyptus species including E. grandis, E. saligna and E. camaldulensis and Ecalyptus clones. Idete Plantation also manage Incoment land 1900 ha acquired from private individual with platable area of about 1400ha thus making a total area under Idete management to be about 16012 ha.

In 2011 the plantation received FSC® certification and also became validated according to the CCBS. Located in Mufindi district, Iringa region, Tanzania, it is 20 km from Kiyowela railway station and located 110 km from the tarmac road in Mafinga, which is the main road running south-west from Dar es Salaam. It is located 15 km from Mufundi Paper Mills (MPM), the largest pulp and paper mill in East Africa, and borders some plantations being established by MPM. The average altitude is 1,250 m with a mean annual rainfall of 1,100 mm. GRL obtained the masin title deeds for a 99 year renewable lease from the Ministry of Land and Human Settlements in April 2009.

Pine is grown for sawn timber on 21-year rotations with an expected MAI of 21m3/ha/yr while Eucalyptus is grown for electricity poles on a 13 year rotation with an expected MAI of 23 m3/ha/yr. The current planting is expected to yield 154,000 m3 of wood products over the next 10 years. It is an objective to reduce the rotations of each crop by 10-20% over the coming years.


GRL’s Idete Forest Project has been developed under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) and is reforesting more than 5,000 ha of land whilst contributing to sustainable development in the region. The project is validated pending host country approval and setting of the Tanzanian forest definition. The project is being developed as a voluntary project. A volume of 50,000 tCO2e is expected to be delivered and sold following a 2012 verification and 650,000 tCO2e in 2017. The project was validated under the CCBS in 2011.

Community development

In Idete village Green Resources has constructed a nursery school and built two of four classrooms and a teacher’s house at Msingi Igenge primary school. We have constructed a community hall, including six offices. At Mkungu primary school Green Resources has built two of seven classrooms and provided accommodation for four teachers at Kiyowela secondary school.

Green Resources has constructed and maintained 42 kms of road and constructed 5 bridges. The company has constructed two shallow wells to provide safe drinking water for Idete village.

Idete, standing plantation by year of establishment
In ha Pine Euc Other species Total
1997-2010 1,121 459 24 1,604
2011 380 401 0 782
2012 479 436 0 915
2013 564 367 0 931
2014 587 159 0 745
2015 38 11 0 49
Total 3,169 1,833 24 5,026
In % 63% 36% 0% 100%