CDM: Undergoing validation, 2012
CCBS: Undergoing validation, 2012
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Pine plantation, Niassa
Co-ordinates: 13°17'57.83"S, 35°14'15.77"E
Mean annual rainfall: 1,200mm
Mean temperature: 26°C
Main rains: December - February
Pine: 18m3/ha/yr MAI, 21 year rotation
Euca: 24m3/ha/yr MAI, 13 year rotation

Niassa, the north-western province of Mozambique has become a centre for forestry plantations in the country.  Five international companies had established almost 32,000 ha of new pine and eucalyptus forest in the province, initially supported in their establishment by a regional development organisation, Malonda Foundation.  After a long process of negotiations and DD processes an agreement to acquire the GSFF were reached in June 2014, bringing the combined planted area managed by the group to a total of 15,537 ha. 

Niassa plantation is located in the Sanga, Muembe  and Lichinga districts, 65 km north of Lichinga, the capital of the Niassa province in Mozambique.  A railway line runs from Lichinga to the port of Nacala 795 km away.  There are already smaller, reasonable looking, mature plantations of both eucalyptus and pine in Niassa, providing some raw material for a small local wood processing industry.  We expect a larger solid wood product industry to emerge in Niassa over the next 10 years, mostly aimed at overseas export markets. 

The objectives of the plantation are to grow trees and harvest the wood products for sawn timber and utility poles while simultaneously mitigating climate change.  Due to its excellent regional infrastructure and future railway connection to the port of Nacala the plan is to construct an MDF factory with projected production start in 2018.  This will utilize fast growing eucalyptus on 6-8 years rotation and thinnings from Pine species  that later will be harvested for sawn timber on 18-20 year rotations.  Existing MAI on the pine is limited to around 13 m3/ha/yr due to previous insufficient soil preparation.  The eucalyptus planted over the past 3 years is performing at a rate of 27-30 m3/ha/yr with a potential for further increment with introduction of clones.

A DUAT (Direito de Uso e Aproveitamento de Terra—Land Use Right) for 40,360 ha has been secured through the Malonda Foundation.  However, more than 50% consists of natural forest and GR is in the process of swapping some of these titles for land suitable for forest planting.  It has been agreed that Green Resources will hold 20,428 ha and will seek additional plantable land of about 16,808 ha to secure the land area approved by government.  

Green Resources Niassa became Mozambique’s first FSC certified forest plantation in 2011, and the aim is to expand this to include the GSFF plantations by 2015.


Niassa Green Resources has been developed to the CDM and CCBS through support from Norad covering 50% of the PDD development costs.  The PDD is complete and will be submitted for validation once the Mozambican forest definition is set – expected in 2012.  The project will deliver 50,000 tCO2e of carbon credits in 2014.

Community development

Green Resources has been supporting communities within the Niassa vicinity with agricultural production through the agricultural programme. Supplying seeds, support and advice to smallholder farmers.