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An internal share issue, directed towards existing shareholders, was successfully completed in December, and a total of USD 20 million (NOK 116 million) of new equity was raised for Green Resources in 2010. Green Resources issued 2,163,755 new shares during 2010, bringing the total number of shares to 35,282,310. read more...

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Green Resources is embarking on a €3.5 million project to establish 4,000 ha of fuelwood plantations with 2,000 farmers and two highly efficient and methane free pyrolysis bio-carbon (charcoal) plants in Mozambique and Tanzania. read more...

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Mr Isaya Yeremia Mnangwone has been appointed to the position of Plantation Operations Manager for Tanga Forest Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Green Resources AS. He was born in 1950 and is married with one child. read more...

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http://www.norway.go.tz/News_and_events/Energy/Developing-CDM-Projects-in-Tanzania/ 18/05/2010 // The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is a complex, global instrument to reward climate-friendly initiatives/industries. So far, only one CDM project in Tanzania has been approved. Green Resources AS has a CDM project in the pipeline, and presented their experiences at the Norwegian embassy. read more...

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In April 2010 Green Resources Commercial Director gave an interview with Business News Network (BNN). Business News Network is Canada's only all-business and financial news television channel. read more...

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Green Resources was approved as partner with the Norwegian government institution called Fredskorpset in 2009. The first round of exchange between Norway and Tanzania/Mozambique with four employees, and between Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique with four employees is going towards the end. read more...

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Green Resources operations are helping to combat climate change. Along with carbon sequestration through the planting of trees, Green Resources has begun a novel project to use the waste produced in the saw mill to produce sustainable charcoal. read more...

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Green Resources' forestry is helping to contribute towards Green House Gas reduction, and are helping to combat climate change. Green Resources sells Carbon Credits allowing companies to offset their carbon footprints. The companies Carbon program is also helping local communities through the donation of seedlings to local farmers to set up their own woodlots, as well as through the investment... read more...

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Uchindile-Mapanda was the world's first VCS verified forestry carbon offset project, which is based in Tanzania. Organisations supporting this project can not only reduce carbon dioxide to slow climate change, but will also benefit local communities and biodiversity. read more...

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Maputo, 21st January 2010: The Government of Mozambique has authorized the implementation of the Lurio forestry plantation and carbon sequestration project by Green Resources AS, Norway. The project is primarily situated in Nampula province along the Nacala corridor, close to the railroad and the largest harbour in Northern Mozambique. The 15 years project is the largest forestation project app... read more...

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