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Major Events in 1H 2007
Approval of Carbon Credits
SGS, the international certification company, verified 233,000 tons voluntary CER (carbon credits) from Green Resources, Tanzania at the start of 2007. The credits were issued based on forest growth through 2005.

Planting 2,300 ha New Forests
Green Resources planted a record 2.300 ha of new forest during the first half of 2007, putting the Company well on track of achie•ving its goal of 3,000 ha new forest for the year as a whole.

NOK 100 mill (US$ 17 mill) of New Equity
The share capital was increased by NOK 30 mill in 2006 and a further NOK 70 mill in June 2007, creating the basis for strong growth of the Company. The Company has US$2mill of loans.

Four Years of Audited IFRS Accounts
After a process that lasted two years, PwC certified Green Resources accounts based on the International Financial Reporting Standards for 2003-2006.

Establishment of Mapping and Inventory Offices
Green Resources established new GIS and Inventory depart•ments, with separate managers, 15 professionals utilising the latest technologies.