Green Resources in Niassa, Mozambique is streamlining its approach to community development.

GR’s operation in Niassa is the result of the merger of several companies, each with a somewhat different approach to community support and development. GR has launched a project to harmonize and improve these programs.

The initial step involving closer management by GR of the community development projects and a participatory approach including working with local government, NGOs and the wider community has improved the quality, visibility and appreciation for GR’s contributions.

A key change in the approach has been to secure that selected community members are real representatives of the entire community since these ‘committee members’ are responsible for the selection and implementation of the projects on behalf of the communities. Ongoing development project based on this new approach are the construction of class rooms in Mussa – Naicuanga and Mussa-Sede communities, a local market for farm products in Mussa – Mapako village, and maize-grinding machines In Muembe – Sede  and Namanolo communities.

The next major step once this initial phase has been implemented will be to achieve harmonization and improved benefits from GR’s compensation and support to the communities. GR aims to make its community development program in Niassa a reference for community development in northern Mozambique. GR will seek increased support and participation from NGO’s, other organizations and experts in this effort. 

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