GRL Tanzania Limited has recently planted 60ha of trees close the Sao Hill Industries.  
The species planted were Eucalyptus - Grandis x Urophylla, versions 7 and 8. The planting has been closely supervised by the Forest Manager in collaboration with Plantation Managers.  

The seedlings for the planting have been developed and selected based on research and tree breeding in our forest and at our nursery. This is expected to give very good tree growth as best practices in land preparation and silviculture are being applied.

An agreement was recently renewed between the Forestry Development Trust (FDT), a member of the Gatsby Trust family, and GRAS to continue research within tree breeding and research with the aim to optimize species based on climatic and soil conditions in the Tanzania highlands.     

 BFC in Uganda has also recently planted a 63 ha plot in Bukalaba forest at the northern border of Lake Victoria. BFC has a modern nursery that supply the company with healthy, mature and cost effective seedlings based on research and lessons learned over many years. Species planted include pine species -  Pinus caribaea x Pinus Eliotii Caribaea Hybrid, eucalyptus –Grandis Urophylla x Grandis Camaldulensis and some indigenous species like Maesopsis Eminii (Musizi).

In both Uganda and Tanzania, the company supports villagers’ tree planting on community land through the supply of seedlings and by providing support during planting and management of the trees.


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