Green Resources in Niassa, Mozambique is preparing for delivery of saw logs and transmission poles. The saw logs will be delivered to Construa Lda, a large construction and building material supplier and distributor in Mozambique. The poles are targeted for the electrification of northern Mozambique by the country’s electric utility company, EDM.

As part of these preparations, the company has invested in new equipment and upgrade of existing plant and equipment. In parallel, equipment deemed redundant have been sold. These investments are intended to ensure that the considerable volumes required by these contracts are being harvested, transported, processed and delivered to the customers in accordance with the volumes and to the quality required. 

Three Bell loggers were received in Niassa at the end of 2018 and operator training has been completed by the supplier. In addition, Massey Fergusson tractors have been refurbished to be fitted with high – capacity winch systems for harvesting operations. Transport is expected to be done by Green Resources vehicles as well as contracted transporters.

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