Sao Hill is expanding its production of forest waste into renewable fuel wood such as Wood and Charcoal Briquettes 

Last year, Sao Hill signed agreements with Tractors and Lion Energy targeting production and distribution of 5,000 tons of renewable solid fuel from wood waste. Subsequently, through expansions and investments by these partnering companies, the production of renewable fuel wood has doubled. The main product is the wooden briquettes that are used in various industrial and institutional applications. In addition, the cooperation has facilitated the re-activation of charcoal production from renewable forest waste at Sao Hill after many years of closure. The charcoal is being processed through a refinery process into high quality charcoal briquettes.   

As a result of this development, Sao Hill has been able to reduce the accumulated wood waste considerably and increase the recovery from the forest. The environment is also a winner as the briquettes and charcoal produced from waste wood from forest plantations replaces charcoal produced from natural forest.


New Sales Yard Opened in Karatu, Tanzania

As part of the sales expansion program, a new timber yard was opened in Karatu, Tanzania earlier this year.

Karatu, a town in a significant expansion area and at the entrance of Ngorongoro and Serengeti national parks, has been selected for timber sales expansion. The yard will be operated by a local company selling and distributing Sao Hill Industries timber as well as other construction material

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