As part of the community development plan, BFC sponsored the construction of boreholes in two villages associated with the company’s Kachung Plantation: Tetugo, Agwata Sub-County, and Agolowelo Village Adok Sub-County. Both villages are located in Dokolo District, Uganda. The boreholes were provided following a needs assessment done as part of a socioeconomic assessment study, where it was found that the communities lacked water. When reviewing possible approaches with communities, they requested the construction of boreholes. The two boreholes were commissioned on 4th October, 2018.

The lack of access to clean drinking water and sanitation affects everyone, but women and children generally suffer the greatest impact. The communities were sensitized on maintenance of the water sources, sanitation and hygiene issues.

“Before the construction of these boreholes community members in the area and their children used to walk long distances to fetch water. Mostly sharing the water source with livestock which made the water unclean and unsafe for human consumption thereby making them ill due to water-borne diseases. Now that they have access to these borehole, they are able to drink safe clean water and their health is expected to improve greatly,” says Miriam Oweta, the Community Relations Officer, for Kachung. The boreholes will go a long way to addressing the water shortage during the dry season and provide access to clean water. The boreholes also reduce the time needed to collect water, as such, providing more time for community members to engage in other activities that improve their overall wellbeing.

Since 2009, BFC has sponsored the rehabilitation of seven (7) water sources and construction of five (5) boreholes in the district of Dokolo and four (4) boreholes in the district Mayuge. Green Resources will continue to work with local communities surrounding its plantations to support the implementation of further community development projects. The company believes that its development projects contribute towards the improvement of the quality of life of its local communities.

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