Green Resources' extensive plantation assessments and audits

Large scale land based investments in agriculture and forestry are complicated and there are numerous considerations and large challenges involved in implementing these projects. However, there are several internationally recognized guidelines, standards and tools available to assist in this process. Green Resources uses some of the most sophisticated of these tools in our operations, and is undergoing extensive 3rd party assessments in this process.

There have been 52 formal third party environmental, social and operational assessments, audits and due diligence reports of Green Resources’ operations produced in the past five years; these have been conducted by highly credible international and national organisations. At least 20 of the third party assessments and audits are publically available. In the last five years, the company has spent USD 1.1 million on third party audits and assessments required to meet third party certifications and standards. The internal costs required to prepare for and comply with these standards are at least equally as large.

Green Resources has planted more new forest in Africa than any other company in the last 10 years. The company operates in rural areas. These areas are some of the poorest parts of eastern Africa. Within these regions we encounter many economic, environmental and social challenges. As pioneers in the field, we have made mistakes, however from these mistakes we continuously strive to improve our operations. To help navigate these challenges, Green Resources is utilising the most demanding international standards and world leading certification systems available within the sector. We believe we are leaders in applying the most sophisticated global standards to plantation investments in Africa, and aim to be at the forefront of developing high quality new plantations.

Please see our full report here.


Mads Asprem, Managing Director and CEO, Green Resources, md@greenresources.no

Arlito Cuco, Managing Director, Mozambique, arlito.cuco@greenresources.no

Isaac Kapalaga, Managing Director, Uganda, isaac.kapalaga@greenresources.no

Roselyne Mariki, Executive Director, Tanzania, roselyne.mariki@greenresources.no

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