Bukaleba Forest Project is an afforestation and reforestation project located in the Bukaleba Central Forest Reserve, on the shores of lake Victoria in Eastern Uganda. The project area covers 9,165 ha of land. 4,000 ha have been set aside for conservation, an additional 665 ha have been set aside for infrastructure and community forest, leaving 4,500 ha plantable. Planting takes place on degraded shrub and grassland.

The project reduces carbon dioxide emissions through the sequestration of carbon, forests are considered natural carbon capture and storage systems however they are under increasing threat. Deforestation in sub-Saharan Africa is an increasing problem, the majority of the population use charcoal as a primary fuel source, often provided through illegal logging. Afforestation in sub-Saharan Africa is essential to reducing pressure on remaining natural resources; by supplying sustainable fuel and raw materials for growing national demand, as well as to create carbon sinks, enhancing the planet’s natural ability to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Bukaleba’s overall objective is to contribute to mitigating climate change while meeting the growing demand for quality wood products from well managed plantation forests and contributing to sustainable environmental management, community development and poverty alleviation in Uganda.

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