Green Resources was on 14th May 2009 approved as a partner institution with the Norwegian Fredskorpset. This involves funding of an exchange program including eight young employees during a period of 12 month with a total grant of NOK 2.3 million. The exchange program will allow Green Resources to employ two Norwegian graduates to be deployed at offices in Tanzania and Mozambique, two employees from Tanzania and Mozambique to work in the Oslo office and four employees to be exchanged between Tanzania, Mozambique and Uganda. Prior to the deployment the candidates are given a three-week preparatory course in Norway where they focus on cultural understanding, information work and communication among others. After the deployment period it is a condition of the program that the candidates will engage in information work within the workplace they came from to enable colleagues to gain from their experience as well. During their deployment at various offices and plantations they will be given normal work duties under supervision by the respective manager.

The aim of the exchange programme is to enable young employees in the partner companies to get international experience and to strengthen the mutual business culture, understanding and communication skills. Green Resources considers this a unique opportunity for a selected group of employees, and trust it will be seen as another step in becoming a preferred employer in the forestry business.

The agreement with the Fredskorpset is for one year, but if successful it is the intention of the parties to continue with the new exchange programs for a period of 3-5 years.

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