SGS, the independent Swiss verification body, have certified Niassa Green Resources against the FSCTM Principles and Criteria for Forest Management. Niassa Green Resources, S. A. (NGR) Malulu forest plantation in Niassa province of Mozambique ‘has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of a well managed forest’. NGR is the first plantation forest to acquire FSCTM certification in Mozambique, on certificate number SGS-FM/COC 009040, effective 3 October, 2011.

The issue of this certificate is a milestone for Green Resources AS (Green Resources). The company has FSCTM certified plantations in each of the three countries of operations, namely Tanzania, Uganda and Mozambique. From the start of 2010, Green Resources has increased the number of countries where it has FSCTM certified plantations from one to three, the certified planted area from 31% to 68% and the total certified area from 18,379 ha to 44,517 ha. Of the 44,517 ha certified, 14,451 ha is planted. This is clear testimony of the commitment of Green Resources to responsibly manage its’ forests.

NGR is a subsidiary of Green Resources, a private Norwegian company established in 1995. Green Resources is a plantation, carbon offset, forest products and renewable energy company. It employed more than 5,300 people at the end of 2010 and has invested USD 100 million in its African operations since its inception. It is Africa’s leading forestation company and has 22,000 ha of forest. Green Resources’ carbon credit projects include forestation and bioenergy. It is a leader in forestry-derived greenhouse gas emission reductions, having registered the world’s first forestry project based on the voluntary carbon standard (VCS) in 2009 and sold the first issued credits in 2010. All Green Resources’ carbon offset revenues will be reinvested in the countries where they were generated and 10% will be used for community developments, making the credits some of the most attractive in the world.

For more information contact:

Arlito Cuco, Managing Director (arlito.cuco@greenresources.no)

Full press release: FSCTM Cert Niassa Green Resources 111010 press release.pdf

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