Lurio Green Resources achieves FSCTM™ certification for 7,955 ha

03 December 2014

Green Resources (GR) is pleased to announce that on 20 October 2014, one of its Mozambican subsidiaries, Lurio Green Resources (LGR) achieved FSCTM certification for 7,955 ha of plantation forestry. Following an external audit by the Soil Association an independent verification body, LGR has been awarded with FSCTM certificate code SA-FM/COC-004536. The public summary is available on FSCTM’s website here.

The issue of this certificate is yet another FSCTM milestone for Green Resources. GR has more FSCTM certified forest in Eastern Africa than any other company, Currently GR has over 46,000 ha certified under FSCTM. The three countries with the largest FSCTM certified forest plantation areas in Africa (outside South Africa with 1,484,404ha and Swaziland with 111,863 ha) are Uganda (40,072 ha), Tanzania (30,042 ha) and Mozambique (13,666 ha) respectively. Green Resources has the only FSCTM certified plantations in Mozambique and Tanzania and is the only company with FSCTM certified forest in three African countries. In addition to this GR typically has two layers of carbon certification that add rigor to operations.

FSCTM is world leading certification for responsible forest management and a foundation for successful greenfield forest plantation development. Green Resources will comply with the FSCTM standards in all its operation, the world’s most demanding standard for responsible forest management. GR considers its determination and success at requiring FSCTM certification as an incredible success. It ensures sustainable systems that adhere to international policies across management, environmental, social, health and safety issues among many more.

About Green Resources

Green Resources is Africa’s largest forestation company and a leader in East African wood manufacturing. The company has 41,000 ha of standing forest in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, established through its own planting activities. It operates East Africa’s largest sawmill in Tanzania and electricity pole and charcoal plants in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda and is also one of the first companies globally to receive carbon revenue from its plantation forests.

Green Resources was established in 1995 and is a private Norwegian company with 80 shareholders. It employs more than 4,000 people and has invested USD 250 mn equity in its African operations since. Green Resources holds land to establish more than 100,000 ha of additional plantations with an aim to serve the growing regional and global demand for wood products. Its strategy is based on growing wood for both traditional uses (sawn timber, panel board, packaging, paper, tissue, etc.) and for the growing bio-chemical and energy sectors. It is a leader in carbon finance. Green Resources has probably planted more new forest than any other organization in Africa during the past ten years, and is the African (ex RSA) leader in FSCTM certified plantation forestry.


Nilza Puna, Certification Manager nilza@greenresources.no

Arltio Cuco, MD Mozambique arlito.cuco@greenresources.no

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