Busoga Forestry Company Ltd, a subsidiary of Green Resources AS, was on 15 April 2011 certified (Certificate SGS-FM/COC-00869) according to the Forest Stewardship CouncilTM. FSCTM is a world leading certification system for sustainable forest management. The certification includes Forest Management of Busoga Forestry Company’s forests and plantations in the Mayuge district of Uganda, and Chain of Custody for the production and sale of softwood and hardwood timber in the Bukaleba Central Forest Reserve. The certification is further evidence of the commitments from Green Resources to manage all its plantations and forests sustainably according to the FSCTM standard. Certification of Busoga Forestry Company increases the FSCTM certified proportion of Green Resources plantations with 40%, making 2/3 of the company’s standing forest certified. Previously the company has certified its operations in Uchindile, Mapanda and Idete plantations managed in Tanzania and have more than 20,000 ha planted forest in East Africa.

The Bukaleba plantation is located on the shore of Lake Victoria in Mayuge district, 120km east of Kampala, 40km south-east of Jinja and 120km from the Kenyan border. The total area is 9,285 ha, of which approximately 5,780 ha are plantable, 1,780 ha are set aside for conservation and 500 ha have been set aside for community forest development. The company holds a renewable 50 year tree planting permit, issued in 1996 by the National Forestry Authority (NFA).

The Bukaleba plantation is developed for sustainable supply of pine, eucalyptus and other hardwoods in combination with sales of carbon credits. Work is ongoing with the target to get the plantation validated according to the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) as well as the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA). Green Resources’ other Ugandan plantation in Uganda, Kachung, was validated as a A/R CDM project earlier this year

Green Resources has been operating in Uganda since 1996, and developed the first voluntary carbon project proposal as early as in 1998. It has over 5,000 ha of forest plantations in the country, operates a transmission pole treatment plant and is in the process of building a modern biochar plant.


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