Green Resources has produced its second semi-annual Environmental and Social (E&S) Impact Report. These reports follow the G4 reporting guidelines. In 2014, GR’s Board made the decision to streamline the extensive E&S and impact reporting to follow the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI)’ G4 standard, combined with IRIS. In this edition, the scope of the report has increased since the first release, to include a number of G4’s specific disclosures, such as further details on biodiversity impacts, employment details, health and safety, anticorruption, and GRs training programs.

Over the last six months Green Resources has seen some significant improvements to its H&S management, and its overall day to day E&S and H&S reporting. Tragically in 2014, there were 3 fatal traffic incidents with a number of casualties, which was unacceptable, and the most negative events of that year. Following these incidents, ERM was engaged to conduct a review of the company’s health a safety attitude and policies, and GR engaged with various H&S organisations and industrial specialists to improve its practises. Based on this, GR has developed new policies and practices, resulting in major improvements in H&S across the company, with no work-related fatalities this year.

GR worked with two consultancy companies, CES and MFC, to review and develop its stakeholder engagement, internal and external communications and grievance management processes. These projects led to the development of new company-wide and country specific plans, as well as operating procedures and practices which are being implemented across the company. During the reporting period, GRs Ugandan forest received its first, five yearly FSCTM re-certification (FSCTM-C107952), with all previous CARs having been addressed, and only 5 new minor CARs raised. In Tanzania, there was a surveillance audit in which 11 CARs were closed, and just 6 new minor CARs were raised. GR now has 67% of net planted area certified under FSCTM and is aiming to achieve 100%.

African afforestation creates large positive social and economic impacts, and it is likely that it has more positive impacts than establishing forests anywhere else in the world. Most importantly, GR creates employment in its tree-grower associations and agricultural programs, which are helping to provide resources and livelihoods to impoverished communities. In Mozambique, more than 1,200 farmers/ families participated in GRs agricultural outgrower program and thousands of people have been issues birth certificates and IDs which provide access to a range of basic resources. In addition, GR has built schools, boreholes, community centres and other infrastructure across the communities it works with.

Along with the improved environmental impacts, GR has continued to operate in a manner which provides tangible positive results. The afforestation which GR conducts provides significant contribution towards climate change mitigation as our forests sequester large amounts of carbon. During the reporting period, the CCBA verification of the Mapanda/Uchindile project in Tanzania was completed, and an external field audit of the Lurio project in Mozambique was conducted. GR sold 27,697t VCU between January and June 2015, and at the end of June 2015 had a total of 57,391t Carbon available for sale across its projects. GR is looking to expand on its current carbon portfolio with one project transitioning to Gold Standard in Tanzania.

This has been a busy period, with a lot of new plans, policies and procedures put in place. The focus across GR will now be on implementation. GR is pleased to publish its second G4 report. As we continue to build our reporting we will add to the G4 disclosures, and other reporting guidelines, enabling us to highlight all that GR is achieving.

Green Resources Full Sustainability Report for January 2015 - June 2015 can be read here: GR Environmental and Social Impact Report 2015 Q1&2.pdf

For more information please contact:

Mads Asprem, CEO Green Resources AS (mads.asprem@greenresources.no)

Emma Shepheard-Walwyn, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations Manager (emma.shepheard-walwyn@greenresources.no)

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