The European Development Finance Institutions (EDFI) have produced a new report ‘Investing For a Greener Future’. EDFI is an association of 15 bilateral institutions, and they believe that by working together, investing in private companies addressing working on sustainable resource provisions, they can help contribute towards climate change mitigation. EDFI has been involved in financing GR since 2003.

The report notes EDFI’s commitment to helping ensure the world’s population will have a ‘decent life’ and the need to use resources sustainably to do so. The report highlights a series of their initiatives and investments in climate finance, of which GR is the only forestry company listed.

For the full report click here


Mads Asprem, CEO Green Resources AS (mads.asprem@greenresources.no)

Emma Shepheard-Walwyn, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations Manager (emma.shepheard-walwyn@greenresources.no)

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