Green Resources has two industrial operations, Sao Hill Industries (SHI) in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and Bugosa Forest Company’s (BFC) in Jinja, Uganda. The two operations are primarily supplied with logs by third-party companies, but are increasingly processing the company’s own logs.

Tanzanian Operations

Sao Hill Industries (SHI) is East Africa’s largest sawmill, consisting of a traditional large log sawmill and a modern small log sawmill that was completed in 2012. It is also the largest electricity pole plant in East Africa, a facility that was completed only three years ago. The small log sawmill saws logs with top diameters from 10 cm to 24 cm of both pine and eucalyptus. During the last four years, SHI has built up Tanzania’s largest pallet business and there is a small door factory at the plant.

The Tanzanian operation is vertically integrated. SHI has its own logging operations and haulage of logs to the mill. The products are transported on rented trucks, but most of the sawn timber is sold through the company’s own four timber yards. SHI has a briquetting factory which was opened in 2016.

Cut Logs

Sawn Timber

School Furniture

Transmission Poles

For more information on the operations and products please visit the Sao Hill Industries website

Ugandan Operations

In Jinja, Green Resources operates a pole treatment plant that produces poles for power lines, telecom poles treated using environmentally-friendly Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) preservative. A simple sawmill started up in 2012 to saw second thinning from the company’s own pine forest. BFC has a complete range of Utility Poles, Sawn Timber, Fencing Posts, Stay Stubs, and Firewood.

Utility Poles

Sawn Timber

Fencing Posts

Stay Stubs

Stay Stubs

For more information on the operations and products please visit the BFC Website .