Green Resources has two industrial operations, Sao Hill Industries (SHI) in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania and Busoga Forest Company’s (BFC) in Jinja, Uganda. The Tanzanian operations are primarily supplied with logs from third-party forests, but is increasingly processing the company’s own logs. BFC is supplied by logs from the company's own forests.

Tanzanian Operations

Sao Hill Industries (SHI) is East Africa’s largest sawmill, producing high quality pine timber from southern highland forests. The sawmill was originally built by Norwegian development aid in the mid-1970s, and now consists a traditional large log sawmill and a modern small log sawmill that was completed in 2012. SHI has been active in Tanzania since the early 90’s and is the primary supplier of transmission poles in the country. It produces poles, high quality sawn timber, pallets, doors and other value added products. SHI also operates two state of the art timber treatment plants and a briquetting factory.

The high quality of our timber, combined with good workmanship, ensures excellent finish on our sawn timber and value-added products. SHI is the leading supplier of transmissions poles in Tanzania. The poles are sourced from nearby government forest, as well as from projects operated by SHI's sister company Green Resources Limited (GRL). Two, on site, state of the art, high capacity treatment plants ensure that the poles are properly chemically treated, guaranteeing them a long life. Our poles are made to satisfy Tanesco specifications and come in an assortment of lengths.

SHI has a brand new briquetting factory, which turns waste into energy. Wooden briquettes are produced from sawdust, chips, slabs, and other waste from the sawmill production. The briquettes are an environmentally friendly, sustainable fuel, replacing firewood, fuel oils and gases from non-renewable sources. They can be used in the boilers, fireplaces, wood stoves, grills, dryers, forges, furnaces and other wood-burning devices. Burning briquettes does not require any special equipment. Every furnace ready for burning wood, is ready for burning briquettes.


Cut Logs


Sawn Timber


School Furniture


Transmission Poles

For more information on the operations and products please visit the Sao Hill Industries website

Ugandan Operations

In Jinja, Green Resources operates a pole treatment plant that produces poles for power lines, telecom poles treated using environmentally-friendly Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) preservative. A simple sawmill started up in 2012 to saw second thinning from the company’s own pine forest. BFC has a complete range of Utility Poles, Sawn Timber, Fencing Posts, Stay Stubs, and Firewood.


Utility Poles


Stay Stubs




Fencing Posts


Sawn Timber

For more information on the operations and products please visit the BFC Website.


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