Green Resources has zero tolerance for any corrupt activities of any kind, whether committed by Green Resources’ employees, officers, or third parties acting for or on behalf of the Company. In addition, GR is committed to addressing any instances of misconduct or malpractice, including bribery, kick-backs, facilitation payments, extortion and money laundering, ethical misconduct or any perceived infringement of the rights of staff and our local communities. All personnel are encouraged to raise any concern about such activities.

If you have any such concerns, please feel free to raise this with us. You can email us at: whistleblower@greenresources.no; or fill out the form below.

You can fill out the form below anonymously, however, please note that we will not be able to follow up with you directly about this. All matters submitted via the email address or on the form below will be dealt with by GR’s head office in London. Please note, all reports, anonymous or not, will be treated discretely and confidentially by those managing the complaint, and will all be given the same attention.

To be able to effectively investigate such issues, GR relies on the accuracy and detail of the information that is provided to us. Therefore please provide as much detail as you can associated with the incident that you are reporting.

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