Green Resources AS (GRAS) leading Afforestation and Reforestation carbon offset company in Africa. GRAS implements carbon projects encompassing Clean Development Mechanism and Voluntary Carbon Standards for both compliance and voluntary markets respectively.

Key Milestones

·        Reforestation of degraded grasslands in Uchindile & Mapanda project in 2014 issued out 59,738 VCUs in the third VCS verification and second CCBA verified. Sold out 27,697 VCUs to CNC in 2015.

·        Kachung Forest project issued out credits in 2013. sold out credits to Swedish Energy Agency in the World’s large scale transaction for Carbon credits

·        Approval of Sustainable charcoal CDM methodology

Niassa project in Mozambique validated and registered by  UNFCCC in 2014


1.      Reforestation of degraded grasslands in Uchindile & Mapanda

2.      Reforestation at Idete Forest Project in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania


1.      Niassa Reforestation Project


1.      Bukaleba Forest Project:

2.      Kachung Forest Project: