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Green Resources is East Africa's largest forest development and wood processing company. The company has 40,000 ha of standing forest in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda, established through its own planting activities. It operates East Africa’s largest sawmill in Tanzania and electricity pole and charcoal plants in Mozambique, Tanzania and Uganda. It is one of the first companies globally to receive carbon revenue from its plantation forests. Green Resources was established in 1995 and is a private Norwegian company with 105 shareholders.



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Green Resources currently has approximately 42,000 ha standing forest across its plantations in Uganda, Tanzania and Mozambique. The plantations made up mostly of pine stands, then eucalyptus, and a small volume of native hardwood.

Tanzania Plantations

GRL manages four main plantations in the Southern Highlands with 17,000 ha of standing forest. The land set-aside for planting is low-value grassland, acquired mostly from local villages.


Uganda Plantations

Green Resources Ugandan Company, BFC, manages two plantations: Bukaleba and Kachung. Both plantations have been developed within government-owned Central Forest Reserves, which are set aside for forest plantations.


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Niassa Plantations

Located in the north-west of Mozambique, it is a centre for forestry plantations in the country. NGR expanded following a merger between Chikweti and NGR, and has since also acquired GSSF.


Nampula Plantations

Located in northern Mozambique, Nampula province, LGR has the greatest expansion potential. At present the planted areas is the lowest for all operations, but GR looks to focus on this in the coming years.



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The increasing degradation and deforestation of natural forests remains a global concern. This necessitated change of the status quo for forest products, through an increase in plantation forests. Globally, 277.9 Million Hectares existed by 2015.  Green Resources is a major player in the development of plantations to meet timber demands while enhancing socio-economic and environmental aspects.


Caring for our employees and contracted personnel and ensuring that each and every one return to their families healthy and without injury is our first priority.  In addition, HSE performance is also a measure of our housekeeping, operational performance and productivity. While records show that our HSE performance is improving, there is no time for complacency. It was with deep grief and distress that fatal accidents were suffered last year related to our operations. Our deepest sympathies and support go the families of the deceased. Investigations were initiated following the incidents, and steps have been taken to ensure that similar accidents don’t happen again.


As part of the community development plan, BFC sponsored the construction of boreholes in two villages associated with the company’s Kachung Plantation: Tetugo, Agwata Sub-County, and Agolowelo Village Adok Sub-County. Both villages are located in Dokolo District, Uganda. The boreholes were provided following a needs assessment done as part of a socioeconomic assessment study, where it was found that the communities lacked water. When reviewing possible approaches with communities, they requested the construction of boreholes. The two boreholes were commissioned on 4th October, 2018.


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